Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Gimme Gimme Gimme!

My birthday is in three and a half weeks so I've decided to show you my 'I WANT IT NOW!' list, which I'm hoping my boyfriend will see ASAP! Also, it makes me feel less depressed about becoming 22... OK my breasts might not be slapping against my ankles just yet but the young life is over for me; my next big birthday is 30! Bloomin' 30! SAVE ME!

 Lulu Guinness Couture Shop bag £295. I friggin' LOVE her bags but unfortunately, as you know, I rarely buy anything over a fiver. It's VERY unlikely that I will get this bag, but a girl can dream!

Gorgeous Topshop eye photo necklace £20. Bit of a rip off of Butler & Wilson's gorgeous teardrop range but I'm loving it too much to care!

Matching bracelet (kind of). This magical multi charm sex bomb is £16.50 and is going to go missing as soon as I put it down for a second.... I know where you sleep mum! As always, loving the typewriter! And that little shrimp better watch out; he's so cute I might just eat him ...

Another Topshop item.. I have to take advantage of my tits-will-start-to-sag-any-moment-now day! This elegant and unique little metal shell bag is £38. If I get this bag Ariel will be so jealous... then again this is a girl who combs her hair with a fork and probably smells slightly like rotting prawns.. not sure she'll care so much.

Now whenever I think of America the smell of feet will come into play. Nice. I love these shoes so much so that I would set up home  in them. Saw them in Fabulous magazine a week ago, then on Polyvore and then on Irregular Choice because, well, they are Irregular Choice.... (sometimes is best just to ignore me, my friends and family do it all the time.... I love you too fam). Anywho, they are £115 and once again I doubt I'll ever see these in my wardrobe but I'll keep wishing on that star, preferably an American one :)

THIS my friends, is why Beyond Retro is my fave shop in the whole world! Look at this umbrella and the one below! Bloody amazing. As soon as I saw them I started to dribble slightly. They are both £18 each on and I love them so much I just ordered the flamingo one!! I'm so scared someone else will buy it so I sometimes just buy things I really like and tell my mum to just add it as a present. Too eager eh! Or maybe just a filthy shopaholic...

Oh and I also bought this too.... don't judge me! I was terrified! Look that tiger is clearly going to kill me if I don't buy his shirt, therefore I did it for the greater good (yes, tis true. I am the ultimate good :-D). This sexy baby which I cannot wait to match with a black pencil skirt was £16 on ROAR!

I need a new purse (I have the Paris postcard one from Accessorize) and I prefer mine to be a bit quirky. These are definitely that! I reaaaaaaally wanted the gold and mustard one on the lower right but it's sold dammit! They're all pretty sexy so I'm sure I'll survive. These vintage cassette tape wallets are on eBay at £14.99 Pay Now.  

My mum will kill me for wanting this because I have so many mugs four of them have to sit outside my bedroom door. But this retro baby will be safe and sound in the cupboard because it's toooo good! Get yourself a Rubix cube mug like me for £8.99 on

Another great find on Irregular Choice! This retro laptop bag is so cute, I've never seen one like it! It's £39.99 which is quite pricey but for something so unique it's worth every penny.

Soap & Glory is heavenly! So I'm urging all humans buying me presents out there to get me this Gigantic Beauty Bundle for £35 at Boots.

Cannot be without this stuff and I have the tiniest bit left! In the last week I've also been using it on my cheeks with a tiny bit of powder and it actually looks really nice! It's £14 at Boots. Get this stuff; you wont regret it! If you do you can blame the ginger. Everyone else does ... Woe is me! Hehe

I desperately want something to show my secret grandma Angela Lansbury how much I care and to embrace my calling as the next Jessica Fletcher and this jumper is perfect because it isn't too OTT but is authentic enough not to look cheap and nasty! Thanks to I can make my dream come true for only £22.50. Also I want that poster!!

Check out the ones below..

I need some posters so I can remind myself how wonderful the 80's is every single day. These ones of Fright Night, Total Recall, Mr Mister and Duran Duran range from around £3 to £10. If I just got two I'd be satisfied. Just so you know hubby!

                                     Vintage Life Magazine launches in WH Smith 27th February
Last but not least are the books. The books are left till this point because I've spent the last 21 years of my life constantly reading, so I thought this would be a nice break. If I get these it'll be on Amazon, nice and cheap... that's me! Also I neeeeeeeed to subscribe to Vintage Life magazine, which for 10 copies through the year is £33.00 printed and only £14.99 digitally (including P&P).

So mum, Martin, Tammy, who ever you are. Look at this list. Buy the things in the list. Wrap them up. And GIVE THEM TO ME!!!! :-D

....Don't even wrap them just hurry!!

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