Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Gimme Gimme Gimme!

My birthday is in three and a half weeks so I've decided to show you my 'I WANT IT NOW!' list, which I'm hoping my boyfriend will see ASAP! Also, it makes me feel less depressed about becoming 22... OK my breasts might not be slapping against my ankles just yet but the young life is over for me; my next big birthday is 30! Bloomin' 30! SAVE ME!

 Lulu Guinness Couture Shop bag £295. I friggin' LOVE her bags but unfortunately, as you know, I rarely buy anything over a fiver. It's VERY unlikely that I will get this bag, but a girl can dream!

Gorgeous Topshop eye photo necklace £20. Bit of a rip off of Butler & Wilson's gorgeous teardrop range but I'm loving it too much to care!

Matching bracelet (kind of). This magical multi charm sex bomb is £16.50 and is going to go missing as soon as I put it down for a second.... I know where you sleep mum! As always, loving the typewriter! And that little shrimp better watch out; he's so cute I might just eat him ...

Another Topshop item.. I have to take advantage of my tits-will-start-to-sag-any-moment-now day! This elegant and unique little metal shell bag is £38. If I get this bag Ariel will be so jealous... then again this is a girl who combs her hair with a fork and probably smells slightly like rotting prawns.. not sure she'll care so much.

Now whenever I think of America the smell of feet will come into play. Nice. I love these shoes so much so that I would set up home  in them. Saw them in Fabulous magazine a week ago, then on Polyvore and then on Irregular Choice because, well, they are Irregular Choice.... (sometimes is best just to ignore me, my friends and family do it all the time.... I love you too fam). Anywho, they are £115 and once again I doubt I'll ever see these in my wardrobe but I'll keep wishing on that star, preferably an American one :)

THIS my friends, is why Beyond Retro is my fave shop in the whole world! Look at this umbrella and the one below! Bloody amazing. As soon as I saw them I started to dribble slightly. They are both £18 each on and I love them so much I just ordered the flamingo one!! I'm so scared someone else will buy it so I sometimes just buy things I really like and tell my mum to just add it as a present. Too eager eh! Or maybe just a filthy shopaholic...

Oh and I also bought this too.... don't judge me! I was terrified! Look that tiger is clearly going to kill me if I don't buy his shirt, therefore I did it for the greater good (yes, tis true. I am the ultimate good :-D). This sexy baby which I cannot wait to match with a black pencil skirt was £16 on ROAR!

I need a new purse (I have the Paris postcard one from Accessorize) and I prefer mine to be a bit quirky. These are definitely that! I reaaaaaaally wanted the gold and mustard one on the lower right but it's sold dammit! They're all pretty sexy so I'm sure I'll survive. These vintage cassette tape wallets are on eBay at £14.99 Pay Now.  

My mum will kill me for wanting this because I have so many mugs four of them have to sit outside my bedroom door. But this retro baby will be safe and sound in the cupboard because it's toooo good! Get yourself a Rubix cube mug like me for £8.99 on

Another great find on Irregular Choice! This retro laptop bag is so cute, I've never seen one like it! It's £39.99 which is quite pricey but for something so unique it's worth every penny.

Soap & Glory is heavenly! So I'm urging all humans buying me presents out there to get me this Gigantic Beauty Bundle for £35 at Boots.

Cannot be without this stuff and I have the tiniest bit left! In the last week I've also been using it on my cheeks with a tiny bit of powder and it actually looks really nice! It's £14 at Boots. Get this stuff; you wont regret it! If you do you can blame the ginger. Everyone else does ... Woe is me! Hehe

I desperately want something to show my secret grandma Angela Lansbury how much I care and to embrace my calling as the next Jessica Fletcher and this jumper is perfect because it isn't too OTT but is authentic enough not to look cheap and nasty! Thanks to I can make my dream come true for only £22.50. Also I want that poster!!

Check out the ones below..

I need some posters so I can remind myself how wonderful the 80's is every single day. These ones of Fright Night, Total Recall, Mr Mister and Duran Duran range from around £3 to £10. If I just got two I'd be satisfied. Just so you know hubby!

                                     Vintage Life Magazine launches in WH Smith 27th February
Last but not least are the books. The books are left till this point because I've spent the last 21 years of my life constantly reading, so I thought this would be a nice break. If I get these it'll be on Amazon, nice and cheap... that's me! Also I neeeeeeeed to subscribe to Vintage Life magazine, which for 10 copies through the year is £33.00 printed and only £14.99 digitally (including P&P).

So mum, Martin, Tammy, who ever you are. Look at this list. Buy the things in the list. Wrap them up. And GIVE THEM TO ME!!!! :-D

....Don't even wrap them just hurry!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Yes I'm Still Alive and Sniffing!

Oh well hello there. Long time no see Mr Blog. It's been OVER a MONTH since I updated you! A WHOLE MONTH... when did my life suddenly get so exciting? It didn't! It's just been a mixture of busy (aka drunken) times most weekends and being pretty much a lazy cow for the rest of it. Anywho, I am here and you'll be glad to know that for the first time in the history of my blogging (which would be an almost record breaking four times) I'm not in Dagenham but instead in my native land of Poplar. I have no idea why this is a good thing and neither would you if you lived here. I'm sitting in my BF's boxers with a painful hunchback and the smell of my dad's cigarettes sneaking through my window, trying to stab my tiny magical lungs. It's 6. 30 am and I seriously want to eat some chocolate cake but I'm attempting to be healthy and alcohol free, so grapes will have to do for now, although I might have a shot of rum for breakfast.....

I have to warn you, since I haven't blogged in so long but have been taking pictures of my mildly interesting life there shall be many many many photographs ahead, carefully picked by the greatest photographers on Planet Kayleigh :) Seriously! It took me so long to choose these ones out of the millions I've taken in a whole month, especially since I pretty much own the £1 Sense charity shop with the amount of stuff I've bought in there! You know you have a problem when every charity shop in an area you live 40 minutes from considers you a regular. At least I suppose it could be worse; I could be a regular at Topshop, walking home to my rent free cardboard box whilst looking daymn fine.

Please observe below how spoilt I am.

   This is my brand new dummy bought for me so randomly by my father-in-law. By the way I'm not married, just very optimistic. It's size 10-18 and I have no idea how much it was and I do not want to know. I get stressed enough when a lad in a club offers to get me tissue from the men's toilets when the ladies have resorted to drip drying because club managers clearly have no idea of the essential needs of the lady wings. I've never called them lady wings before, but it sounds more adventurous than lady bits or genitals, like you could take flight. Although it does sound a bit like a KFC meal. Anyway, as I was saying, if I get that flattered in those situations you can imagine how I feel when gifts like the sexy one above are received. Just to let you know the man in the picture unfortunately didn't come with the dummy, he is my hubby, but I could rent him out for a good price....


Once again the Sense staff held a gun to my head and forced me to buy these items. I swear I had no choice. And they made me pay £1 for each one, it's criminal! They told me to especially love the red blazer with gold anchor buttons.

Somehow I have been getting some really nice pictures of London so they've been plonked on here too. On this occasion the sun has tried to embarrass my area by creating the illusion that it is quite revolting through the power of its magical rays... normally Poplar looks so wonderfully magical....... *cough* with a sprinkling of spit, coz dat iz how we roll in London bruv.


Two of my fave outfits. The boat top was from a vintage store in Bangor that went bust (which was great for me as everything was BOGOF! Not so great for them...) and the skirt and shoes are more Bangor charity shop bargains.  The boat dress on the right was actually from America bought on eBay and is so fab even a very lovely lecturer mentioned it! Of course I gave it to her thinking she'd give me a 1st! Instead she kept it and escaped to Mexico. I haven't seen her since....

EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! The only thing I hate about vintage clothing; HAND WASHING. The devils form of chore. I hate it more than cleaning toilets (with my tongue!) I took this photo a month ago, so the pile has tripled and I've only just done half of it today. Depression caused by detergent.

Greenwich Fun Time

Off to Greenwich we go! Since it was like a sweaty *insert here* outside I decided to wear my fruity all in one from Beyond Retro with the fabulous back, which I actually wore last Halloween for my outfit as a .... wait for it......water melon. See not only do I wear super duper clothing but I am also a friggin' genius!
Only realised once I put this pic up how creepy this man  looks. Mr Shifty coming through!
Welcome to heaven ladies and gents. Behold my new sexy 80's shoes bought from 360 Degrees Vintage for £25. I actually paid for these myself, that's how desperate I got. As you'll see in all the pictures to come I'm wearing these shoes like they're going to make a run for it!

Below is an amazing 50's dress I bought round the corner at the tiny Clocktower vintage market. I got the woman down to £20, which to me, despite being the girl in the £2 outfit (which sounds like a great movie title) is a bargain! Wearing this dress makes you feel like the most elegant and pretty woman on earth, minus the whoring of ones self.

Ignore the messy room. Yes I am a tramp fo sho.
Another great buy from America on eBay. This bright playsuit was only £8! Although my sister almost pooped her pants with laughter when I tried it on, so maybe not so good eh? Then again she'd rather die than go in a charity shop and I'd die if I couldn't.... so maybe i'll be ok after all!

Shake That Booty!

Since I spend all my money on second hand worn out clothing I need to find a way to make some in the first place; by selling my own! Look at me in that pic, I think i'm so cool. I need a slap. Moron.


Up at 4.30am ready to sell sell sell after about an hours kip and I still can't just throw on a potato sack or a tracksuit; I neeeeeds the vintage, I neeeeeeeeeeds it! (Boots from NewLook £25)


Oopsie... was meant to sell but how could you expect me not to buy atleast a little something for myself?... Yes ok I'm naughty but the shoes on the left and far right are Kurt Geiger and were only £1.50 each! Same price for the chunky beggars in the middle.


Highlight of the day, and possibly my life (like I said before, my existence isn't that exciting). My typewriter, bought for £4. To any normal human being this is just a simple printing device, but for me this means my greatest dream will finally come true; to become the next Jessica Fletcher! Oh yes, watch out peeps, Murder She Wrote will be back on your box before you know it, and I'm going to be the leading lady! I'm going to be a Star!

"SEY- GAAH" Yayy. Great memories. And a bargain at £3.00.


You may think that I've been lucky enough to find myself a job in the last few months that earns me so much my skin would turn to fabric due to spending spending spending, but unfortunately not. However I dooo have a volunteering job at the Ayoka Charity Boutique in Bethnal Green which is fabulous and stops me from jumping off a cliff from boredom!


Sandwiches and Steak

 What lovely weather we've been having! Even for me, the token pale ginger of the group who wears factor 50+ and sunbathes under a parasole whilst her carribean skinned mother and sister soak up Mr Sun, this weather is pretty super duper. Yes, I've been trying to enjoy it but as you can see in the picture to your left I have some limitations in the quality of enjoyment. What a pathetic picnic!! Although I make a friggin good salad dressing so it was pretty sexy to be fair. Had a right giggle chilling with my bredrin Dom (of 'Showbiz Shouts' blog), especially when noticing (as typically I would) the willy shaped cloud. Isn't it fabulous! Hehe.

Wanted to feel slighty glam that day. But I still don't understand why I insist on wearing heels in parks. Normal human beings wear sandles (which I don't call flip flops because it makes me think of cheesy feet). Seriously, if I lived on a farm even the pigs couldn't prise the heels off my feet. These are my favourite shoes ever from YMCA Charity Shop in Bangor for £2.50. They are perfect as the golden buckle and unique shape adds character to every outfit I match it with. The old man golfing trousers are from Sense before it became cheap as chips, and the leotard is from Topshop for around £15.

I had to add this picture in. It has got to be the most amazing picture i've ever taken of London, which isn't saying much I suppose because I generally find it dull and smelly looking. At this point in the evening, whilst elegantly sipping my Bulmers Cider like a true lady, I thought to myself "This could be God ....or this could be the male cast of Vampire Diaries reaching down to me to join them in some kind of sexy heaven".
It was neither.

Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend (husband to be, father of my child, pain in my arse) I had so much steak this month that I started mooing. Here's a pic of him of the left looking painfully awkward and me on the right looking like a cardboard cut out. Martin is wearing ASOS green trousers, a grey Primark cardi, Topman shirt and amazing cream vintage shoes from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Bethnal Green for £10 bloomin' quid!! I'm wearing a cute hankerchief dress (£20) from the Vintage Fair at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes.

Steak tastes best with the flames of Lidl!


Oh yes. That's right me dears, Kayleigh actually graduated! Despite last minute f**k ups and seminar skips I somehow made it through! Which meant for my family an unfortunate 6 hour drive to my favourite place on this earth ... BANGOR North Wales. Also the most hilly place on this earth (please refer to Bitch Hill), hence I now have the calves of a wrestler. Walking up hills in heels! And drunk! I want a Blue Peter badge!

Ummmmm Krispy Kremes! We couldn't help ourselves. Check out the shiny ones... creme brulee... you CANNOT tell me you would have just walked past these little babies. If you could I salute you.

Look at the mood on me! The only person that gets that face is my poor hubby who somehow deals with my ginger fire. This black top is from Cancer Research in Bangor.

Standing beside my lil gorgeous man I present to you my graduation outfit of choice! AWESOME jewellery chain dress from America (eBay £15) and once again those shoes that I am pretty much living in. The diamond shaped gold 80's belt is one of my favourite purchases ever and all this combined went perfectly with the gold and red tones of my Bangor robe.

"Just don't trip!"

Mum and dad. Mum looking beautiful as usual. Dad looking clueless... as usual. The perfect hat throw with my wonderful friends although I was the only one who caught mine so maybe they should give all their degrees to me? ....Just a thought

By now you should instantly recognise that these three cocktails were in fact all mine

Doing a bit of a Kate Middleton here through the recycling of clothing, although mine isn't as justified since most of my clothes are below a fiver. The tribal gold necklace is New Look (£4.00 in the sale)

Birthdays = Buying someone else clothes for a change!

Laura's birthday (aka mother dear/lozza/lozenger or crazy bitch). Me and the boyf decided to take my amazing madre off to the place where cosmopolitans are liquid ecstacy; Loco Mojito. This place is my favourite for cocktails and brilliant for food and the atmosphere is relaxed and thankfully Mexican in theme and sound (it is so bizzare when you go to an Indian restaurant and you can hear Ke$ha in the background!)
Mama of beauty wore a cute Quentin Blake like dress from Wallis and I finally (after almost crying from frustration) chose a vintage leopard jungle shirt, velvet and gold buckle belt, lime green skirt and very high black New Look heels.

For my lil' bro's birthday we all went to Ripley's Believe It Or Not (which was the day before but these pictures are taking the piddle and wont move without a fight). This is my favourite attraction in London and I would suggest you go there at least once. Then we could not believe our eyes when in Leicester Square we spotted M&M WORLD... WTF??! Seriously 4 floors of just M&Ms in different packages with the odd teddy bear, t-shirt and toy. Who the hell needs that many M&Ms??!!!!! To be fair they've got it right; the tourists were bloody loving it, piling their bags with ridiculously expensive chocolate... although... I was suckered in slightly.... Look at those lovely sparkly bags below! Bold, cute and perfect for this seasons colour blocking..... not too bad for £15. I REALLY wanted one but I'd already bought this quirky television bag for £20 (down from £30... I'm no tourist!!)

Red Shoulder Padded 80's Jumpsuit for £25 from Beyond Retro. Pink M&M dress from Mars Vintage.
Books and Besties

Standing by the Chelsea footie grounds with one of my No.1 humans Dominic Vince I'm wearing a vintage coffee bean black and gold elegant dress from Cancer Research. Quite fitting since I was at the book launch for 'Kiss From a Rose' by Natasha Vince (of 'Kfar What Happened Next' blog), in which she shares her experiences coping with cancer for the last 10 years. Good on ya Natasha!! Was such a lovely night, so good in fact that Kayleigh's multiple personalities decided to join the party....

Of course in this month I must at least once see the highlight of my life that is Cher. No not the singer, although she does do a good rendition of the Sweeny Todd soundtrack... and yes I mean the whole soundtrack. Trip to brick lane calls for an outfit that cost me £6.50 - and that's including jewellery! Was lucky enough to find this Bowie vest and cow print waistcoat in Sense.


I swear I only bought these £15 shoes from Rokit because my feet were hurting... I swear!


Granny by day (hate this outfit now) slighty improved by night! Sue Ryder skirt £3.50.

And of course, I couldn't go the month without buying many more random bits...
check these babies out...


£3 outfit! Bright pink triangle button detail cardigan. Without a doubt smelt of grandma.

Just thought I would for once show you my wonderful array of jewellery, all bought in the sales this month. The button earrings (so blatantly bought so I could be like Coraline! Except I didn't stab these ones into my eyes, just my ears) were £1 in Claire's Accessories. The ship brooch was £2 in Topman and the horse shoe and cowboy/gun necklaces were from Accessorize (under £3.50 together). All very vintage styled and too cute for words!

I found these little retro beauties in Primark for £1. I may have an obsession with the pound coin. However this lovely duck bow tie hair dryer was given to me by my lovely welsh pal Lucy who put up with living with me for 3 whole years (well done old chap!) Thank you!

 Best saved for last! As soon as I saw him I fell in love! This amazing vintage clown, who I've just decided to name Jibble-Jack, was only £3. He now sits on the shelf above my bed, waiting for me to fall asleep so he can ... gimme a big kiss! Or KILL ME....eeeek!

We shall see in the morning....